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Top Things to Do at Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its fancy shopping centers, tall buildings, and exciting theme parks. However, if you’re looking for adventure in the Arabian Desert, you should go on a desert safari. You can try dune bashing in a 4×4, ride camels at sunset, and enjoy many other fun activities suitable for all ages.

Get a feel for Arabic traditions with a belly dancing performance and enjoy a tasty barbecue dinner under the stars. Whether you’re after some excitement or just want to relax in the peaceful desert, a desert safari in Dubai is a memorable adventure.

13 Best Things To Do At Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Dune Bashing

A desert safari is the top activity to do in Dubai’s desert. It includes exciting dune bashing in 4×4 vehicles, camel rides, and an evening filled with cultural performances like belly dancing. It’s an essential experience for anyone visiting. The safari captures the essence of the desert, showing off its wide-open beauty and traditions. 

2. Camel Safari

Riding a camel during your desert safari is a must-do. You’ll enjoy the desert breeze and amazing views. It’s a favorite activity for both kids and adults. Plus, you might see cool animals like gazelles or Arabian oryx. After your ride, you’ll have a delicious traditional meal with lots of food options, including vegetarian dishes.

3. Sandboarding

Try sandboarding on your desert tour in Dubai for an exciting twist! It’s easy to learn and gives you a thrilling ride down the dunes, adding a cool, modern touch to your adventure.

4. Quad Bike

In the Dubai desert safari, quad biking is a hit. It’s like a four-wheeled motorbike that lets you roam around the desert and dunes. Picture yourself cruising through the beautiful landscapes with an amazing view behind you. Before you ride, you’ll get important instructions to remember for a safe trip.

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Nothing beats a hot air balloon ride in the morning for a peaceful and stunning view of the desert. Drifting above the dunes as the sun rises, you’ll see the desert filled with colors and shadows, giving you a calm desert safari.

6. Falconry Experience

Watching falconry during a Morning Desert Safari Dubai tour is truly incredible. See how falcons are trained to perform for the audience, soaring as high as 4000 feet. You can combine it with a hot-air balloon ride and a fantastic falcon show, followed by a delicious breakfast. Make sure to cherish every moment of your tour, creating memories to last a lifetime.

7. Dune Buggy Riding

Looking for an adventure with your loved ones? Try the Dune Buggy! It’s a big, rugged open-air car that fits up to 4 passengers plus a driver. Riding it is super thrilling, and you’ll be screaming with joy with your friends and family. You can zoom over dunes and stop to enjoy the beautiful desert views. Expert drivers make sure you have the best adventure ever!

8. Morning Desert Safari

If you want to see the bright lights of Dubai City in the evenings, try a morning desert in Dubai. Even though it might be hotter in the morning, the safari runs all year as long as the weather’s good. You can do lots of fun stuff like sand boarding and camel and buggy rides. 

The tour takes about 5-6 hours and is a cool way to explore the deserts. Driving through the sand dunes will get your heart racing, and the fun activities will put you in the holiday spirit!

9. Overnight Desert Safari

The top Dubai desert safari is known for dune bashing, desert tours, and stargazing. Nights are chilly, so it’s perfect for a romantic drive in a Range Rover with your partner. Head to the dunes and enjoy the beauty of the Arabian desert at night.

10. BBQ Dinner

No trip to UAE is complete without a desert safari and BBQ dinner. The tour lasts about six hours and includes exciting activities like dune bashing, camel rides, buggy rides, henna painting, belly dancing, and other cool shows.

The buffet dinner, with veg and non-veg options, will surprise you with how delicious desert food can be. They even have Shisha cabins with different flavors so you can relax and enjoy the place’s vibe.

11. Horse Riding

Horse riding is a big deal in Dubai’s desert safari. It’s a peaceful way to explore and gives you a unique experience. The ride lasts for 90 minutes, and there’s an instructor with you for safety.

12. Fat Biking

Even though the tyres are thicker than a regular bike, this adventure needs some fitness and determination. You can rent an electric fat bike if you want something equally fun but easier. You can rent it for six hours and explore independently (just know your route) or join a guided tour to Big Red Dune, Fossil Rock, or Al Qudra Lakes for two to three hours.

13. Try Jeep Safari

Don’t miss out on the Jeep safari in Dubai. Riding a 4×4 vehicle and bashing through the dunes is super fun. Just book your desert safari Dubai tickets to enjoy the ride. Plus, you’ll get to do other cool activities like dune bashing and sandboarding.

Tips For Enjoyable Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Here are some helpful tips for enjoying the United Arab Emirates desert safari tour:

  1. Go for a morning or evening desert safari to avoid the scorching heat and enjoy stunning sunrises or sunsets.
  2. Wear light, loose clothes, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection.
  3. Wear closed-toe shoes for walking on hot sand.
  4. Bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.
  5. Don’t forget your camera for beautiful desert photos.
  6. Opt for an evening safari to see the desert’s beauty at sunset.
  7. Try dune bashing for an exciting 4×4 ride.
  8. Experience traditional activities like henna, camel rides, and shisha.
  9. Book your safari in advance, especially during busy times.
  10. Respect the environment by not littering.
  11. Consider a guided tour for safety and learning about the desert’s culture and geography.


The desert safari offers fun activities like camel riding, delicious food, and traditional dancing. There’s something for everyone, whether alone, with family, or on a romantic trip. If you’re going to Dubai, make sure to add the desert safari to your plans for an amazing adventure. And don’t forget to explore the exciting things to do at desert safari in Dubai while you’re there!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Q1: What makes Dubai’s Desert Safari special?

Dubai’s Desert Safari gives you an amazing travel experience. People from all over the world love it, whether they’re visiting for the first time or returning. You ride camels, bash through dunes, ride thrilling buggies, and watch a private falcon show. It’s a must-do adventure that promises excitement and great memories.

Q2: What are the types of desert safaris?

There are three types: morning, evening, and adventure safaris. Each one offers a different experience in the Arabian sand desert.

Q3: What should I wear for the Dubai desert?

Wear lightweight, neutral-colored clothes that protect you from the sun, wind, and heat. It can get chilly in the early mornings and late evenings, so bring something warm.

Q4: How long does a half-day desert Safari in Abu Dhabi take?

It usually takes around 4 to 5 hours.

Q5: What should I keep in mind for a desert safari in Dubai?

For a smooth desert safari experience, eat a light lunch, dress comfortably, and protect yourself from the sun. Bring a camera to capture the memorable moments!

Q6: What’s unique about an Overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

You can enjoy thrilling activities like dune bashing and camel rides during an overnight Dubai Desert Safari. You have a delicious BBQ dinner and desert camp under the stars. It’s an unforgettable experience!


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