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Adventures in Dubai: Top Outdoor & Indoor Activities

Dubai is a busy city with tall buildings, big shopping places, and lots of fun things to do. It’s a great place for people who love adventures! You can go on exciting desert trips, jump out of planes, play in the water, or even ski indoors, making it an adrenaline-filled experience in Dubai, the adventure of a lifetime. Dubai mixes old traditions with new things, making it a cool place to have fun. Whether you like big thrills or just want to see the city in a new way, Dubai has lots of fun things for everyone!

Top attractions & Adventure in Dubai

1. Flyboarding

Want to have fun in the water? Dubai has calm waters perfect for relaxing at the beach. But if you’re looking for excitement, you must-try flyboard! It’s like combining wakeboarding and kitesurfing. A strong turbine will lift you 10m above the water. Anyone can do it, from beginners to experts, thanks to the excellent facilities in Dubai. You’ll learn to balance in the air and maybe even do some cool flips!

You can try flyboarding with Sky and Sea Adventures. They have great teachers at the centre. If flyboarding isn’t for you, you can also go scuba diving, parasailing, or kitesurfing at Kite Beach along the Arabian Gulf.

2. Skydiving

Join one of Dubai’s favorite adventures at Skydive Dubai! People love it. You will jump from a plane with a guide who keeps you safe, ensuring an unforgettable and adrenaline-filled experience in Dubai. As you fall through the sky, you can see the beautiful Palm Jumeirah below. Just hold on tight, enjoy the amazing view, and smile for the camera!

3. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air ballooning in Dubai is a special adventure that many people dream about, making it an unforgettable experience in the Arabian Desert! You get to see the desert sands from high up in the sky with Balloon Adventures. You’ll float 4,000 feet above the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and watch a cool falcon show during a beautiful sunrise. After that, you can land and go on a desert safari to explore the sandy dunes.

4. Dune Bashing

Dune bashing in Dubai is one of the most popular things to do. You ride in a big car called a Hummer that goes up and down the sandy hills. It feels very exciting!

You can go dune bashing in the morning or evening. In the morning, it starts at nine and goes until midday. In the evening, it starts at three and ends with a barbeque dinner. You can also try sandboarding and riding camels.

In the evening, you can watch the sunset in the desert, a one-of-a-kind adventure. You will also have a yummy barbeque dinner with Arabian coffee and dates. Dune bashing in Dubai is a special adventure you won’t forget!

5. Ziplining

One of the coolest things to try in Dubai is the XLine at Dubai Marina. You fly fast across the city at 80 km/h and see fancy boats and tall buildings. Then, you land on the roof of Dubai Marina Mall!

The XLine is the longest zipline in the city, one kilometer long and goes downhill a bit. There are two ziplines side by side, so you can go with a friend for a thrilling experience together!

6. Get on Your Bike at Mushrif Park

Go biking at Mushrif Park, one of the oldest parks in the UAE. It has recently opened a new 50km mountain biking track. Right now, 20km of trails are open, and 30km will open soon.

The stars close to the park’s main gate and are 3 meters wide. It can hold 3,000 cyclists each day. There are trails of varying difficulty, so beginners and expert cyclists can have fun!

7. Adventure Activities at Desert Safari

The 4×4 Desert Safari in Dubai is a very popular adventure! You ride in a big, fancy car over the golden and red sand dunes. The ride feels like a roller coaster and is very exciting, adding adrenaline to your experience in Dubai!

You will see beautiful desert views while the car goes up and down the sandy hills. It’s best not to eat a big meal before the ride. If you get sick from motion, bring medicine. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying this amazing ride!

8. Skyscraper

Sky Views Dubai is the latest attraction to sweep visitors off their feet with mesmerising perspectives of Downtown Dubai & city skyline beyond from 219.5m above ground. If you like adventure, you can try the Edge Walk, where you walk on the edge of a tall building with a safety harness, adding to your adrenaline rush in Dubai. For a less scary experience, you can go sightseeing escapades the Observatory or try the Glass Slide. 

9. Parasailing

Parasailing in Dubai is a super exciting adventure! You float like a bird high in the sky above the water, an immersive experience you must try. You can see the whole city and the beautiful ocean below you.

10. Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is like snowboarding or skiing, but on sand dunes instead of snow. You stand on a board and glide down the big sand hills. Dubai has some of the best sand dunes for this extreme sport!

You can feel the wind as you slide down the dunes, especially during sunset. The dunes are not far from the city, about a half-hour drive. Sandboarding in Dubai is a really exciting adventure you shouldn’t miss when you visit!

11. Discover the Sea with Boat Tours

Go on a fun adventure with Boat Tours! You can drive your own boat and see Dubai’s coastline. A guide will be with you on the 90-minute trip. You’ll zoom past the Burj Al Arab, big houses, Palm Jumeirah island, and Atlantis, The Palm resort. Remember to take lots of cool pictures and videos!

12. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is like skiing on water! You stand on a board and hold onto a rope pulled by a boat. At first, it might be tricky to get up, but once you’re standing, it gets easier.

Remember to lean back a little and keep your body straight. Once you get the hang of it, you can even try doing flips and jumps! Wakeboarding can be expensive, but it’s really fun and worth trying. In Dubai, it’s best to do it in calm water with experienced riders.

13. Got to the Top of Every Mountain

Hatta is a great place for people who love adventure sports and nature. You can go mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking there. It’s only a 90-minute drive from Downtown Dubai, so you’re sure to find making a trip worthwhile. Hatta used to be known for its fort and desert farms, but now many adventure lovers visit it.

At Hatta Wadi Hub, you can do fun activities like biking, archery, waterslides, and aerial thrills. You can even try zorbing, which is rolling down a hill inside a big, clear ball. If you want to stay longer, you can stay at Hatta Fort Hotel or go glamping at Damani Lodges and Sedr Trailers.

14. Desert Quad biking

Feel the sand on your face as you ride a dune buggy or quad bike in the desert. Dune buggies are special cars made for fun. They don’t have doors, roofs, or windows, but they have a strong cage, a comfy seat with a safety belt, and special suspension to drive fast on the sand.

Try this with Big Red Adventure Tours. They have different desert trips in the morning, evening, or overnight, where you can drive on steep sandy hills for an exciting adventure.


Dubai is known as a fun place with lots of exciting things to do. You can fly in the sky with skydiving, and hot air balloons. You can ride in big cars on sand dunes and slide down sandy hills. You can also go on boat trips, ride bikes in parks, and see nature in Hatta.

For calm adventures, you can look at the city from high up in the Observatory or slide on the Glass Slide. No matter what you like, Dubai has lots of fun and cool things for everyone!

FAQs of Adventure Activities in Dubai

Q1. What are the adventures to go in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can try exciting adventures like dune bashing, skydiving,  hot air balloon rides, and ziplining.

Q2. What are the best leisure activities in Dubai?

The best leisure activities in Dubai include visiting the beach, shopping at malls, going to parks, enjoying spa treatments, and exploring museums and aquariums.

Q3. Which is the most visited place in Dubai?

The most visited place in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Q4. Which thing is best in Dubai?

One of the best things in Dubai is the variety of unique experiences, from luxurious shopping and dining to thrilling adventures and beautiful beaches.

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