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Must-Try Things to Do at Kite Beach Dubai in 2024

Kite Beach in Dubai is a fun place for everyone, not just people who love kite surfing. There are lots of activities for all ages. You can try water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking, play beach volleyball, or go skateboarding.

You can relax on a beach chair, eat yummy food from food trucks, or walk along the sandy beach. There is something fun for everyone. Let’s find out the best things to do at Kite Beach Dubai and have a great time at this exciting beach!

Things To Do At Kite Beach Dubai

1. Kite Surfing at Kite Beach, Dubai

The beach is named after kites because you see kites everywhere. Ride the waves on your surfboards and have a blast. Beginners can also take lessons and get training.

  1. Operational Hours: 7 AM – Sunset
  2. Lesson Prices: AED 350-1890
  3. Equipment Rental: AED 50/hr – AED 250/hr

2. Paddle Boarding Fun

If you don’t like kitesurfing, you can try paddleboarding. Go alone, with a friend, or with your whole family!

  1. Operational Hours: 7:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  2. Ticket Price: 60 – 180 AED

3. Eat Food at the Food Trucks

No trip to the beach is complete without tasty food. Kite Beach has colorful food trucks with delicious snacks. The famous salt is also here, with yummy sliders and lotus softy.

  1. Operational Hours: 9 AM – 3 AM
  2. Ticket Price:  115 AED( for 2)

4. Run or Bike on the Track

There is a 14 km track for running and biking. After eating, you can jog or ride your bike to burn calories.

5. Show Off Your Skating Skills

The XDubai Skatepark is a big place for skaters. It has rails, bowls, and slopes for lots of fun.

  1. Operational Hours: 3 PM – 11 PM
  2. Ticket Price: AED 45 for a day pass, AED 1000 for annual membership

6. Play Volleyball with Friends

Get to the beach early and play volleyball with friends and family. You can also watch the pros during volleyball leagues.

7. Enjoy Reading at the Beach Library

Relax on the beach with a good book. The Beach Library has English and Arabic books you can borrow for a perfect beach day.

8. Have Fun at the Waterpark

Kite Beach has the ‘Splash N Party Waterpark’ where kids can splash and play in the water. You can try the exciting activities in the ocean.

  1. Operational Hours: 4 PM – 10 PM
  2. Ticket Price: AED 100 (one adult is free)

9. Adventure Time for Kids

Wire World at Kite Beach is perfect if you have an active kid. It has zip lines and aerial ropes for lots of fun adventures.

  1. Operational Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM
  2. Ticket Price: Tickets start from AED 40, depending on the activities

10. Workout at the Outdoor Gym

Magnum Fitness Beach lets you work out in the fresh sea air. You can join group classes like Muay Thai, Self Defense, or Aqua Gym.

  1. Operational Hours: 5 AM – 1 AM
  2. Ticket Price: 180 – 600 AED

Things to Do Near Kite Beach

1. Burj Al Arab

This famous five-star hotel is near the beach. It has amazing luxuries for tourists and offers breathtaking views from the Magnum Fitness Beach area.

2. Offshore Sailing Private Club

This private club near the beach is perfect for sailing lovers. If you love sailing, you should visit this place.

3. The Captain’s Club 

Visiting Jumeirah Harbor is a great idea. But it can be tricky if you haven’t booked a yacht or reserved a seat on a boat in advance.


Kite Beach in Dubai is a fun place with lots of things to do for everyone. You can play in the water, ride waves on surfboards, or try paddleboarding. There are also fun games like beach volleyball and skateboarding. 

You can eat yummy food from colorful food trucks and relax on the beach. There is a special skatepark for skating, a long track for running and biking, and a library to read books. Kids can have fun at the waterpark and adventure park with zip lines and ropes. 

Nearby, you can see the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and go sailing at the special club. Kite Beach is a great place to have fun and make happy memories with family and friends. Plan a visit to enjoy all the exciting activities!


Q1. Where is Kite Beach located?

Kite Beach is in Dubai. Take Sheikh Zayed Road to the Umm Al Sheif Road exit from Dubai International Airport. From Abu Dhabi International Airport, take E11 to Al Manara Road/Interchange 3 in Dubai, then Exit 43 from Sheikh Zayed Road. From Al Maktoum International Airport, take Sheikh Zayed Road and then the third exit from Al Manara.

Q2. How long is the running track at Kite Beach?

The running track at Kite Beach is 14 km long. You can see many people exercising and staying fit there.

Q3. Can I bring my pets to Kite Beach?

You can bring your pets, including dogs, to Kite Beach. Have fun spending time with them there.

Q4. Why is Kite Beach famous in Dubai?

Kite Beach is famous because it is clean and perfect for kite surfers. It’s a popular place for water sports lovers.

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