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Beauty of Palm Islands in Dubai

Discover everything about the Palm Islands, including things to do, entrance fees, facts, and history. Dubai is famous for its stunning locations and vibrant nightlife. Tourists can visit the Palm Islands to see top attractions and enjoy rides. This man-made structure extends 520 km into the Arabian Gulf, adding to the coastline and offering stunning views.

Built by Al Nakheel Properties at a cost of $7 billion, the islands feature many activities and rides for visitors, making it a central attraction in Dubai.  Known as the second-largest artificial island in the world, it’s a fantastic place to explore. Let’s look at the key facts, history, and activities to enjoy on the Palm Islands in Dubai.


The Palm Islands are a unique project designed to offer luxury with large buildings and mansions. Known for its attractions, it’s a top spot for the wealthy. The newest islands, Jumeirah, Deira, and Jebel Ali, are perfect for tourists to enjoy various activities. Construction of the Palm Islands was finished in the early 21st century and was heavily funded by the petroleum industry. 

The island is divided into sections: the trunk, fronds, spine, and crescent. The crescent is split into three parts to help circulate seawater. Visitors enter through the trunk and can reach other areas via bridges. The spine is connected to the trunk and has 17 fronds at the edges. A tunnel and a 5 km monorail connect the crescent to the spine. 

The 17 km long and 650 feet wide crescent hosts the islands’ main luxury facilities. The project created 560 hectares of new land, showcasing some of Dubai’s world’s largest architecture.

Activities to Do at Palm Islands

The Palm Islands are a popular destination for tourists and guests, featuring numerous attractions listed below.

1. Atlantis and Aquaventure

The pink-hued Atlantis Water Park, located on the world islands of Dubai, is a stunning attraction with luxury facilities and top-notch services. The complex features a large dining area offering delicious cuisine from world-class chefs.

At Aquaventure Waterpark, visitors can enjoy thrilling rides, swim with colorful fish, and even hand-feed sharks. Refreshments and tasty snacks are available to help you relax by the poolside.

2. Paddle Boarding

Another great activity on the Palm Islands is paddle boarding. While gliding along the Persian Gulf coastline, you can enjoy views of the beautiful Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah. Yoga and Pilates sessions are also available for fitness enthusiasts seeking a peaceful experience by the ocean. Couples can enjoy the rides and spend quality time together.

3. Helicopter Rides and Skydiving

Tourists visiting the Palm Islands can admire the stunning scenery over 12,000 feet. Helicopter rides offer breathtaking views of Dubai Marina, Palm Islands, and Jumeirah from above. Skydiving sessions are available for thrill-seekers, letting you soar through the air at speeds of 120 km/h while enjoying the incredible backdrop of the Palm Islands.

Fun Facts of the Palm Islands in Dubai

This island is a unique destination attracting tourists and fun-seekers worldwide, offering major attractions and rides. Here are some interesting facts about this remarkable island:

  1. The artificial islands span 5 km in length and breadth, equivalent to over 800 football fields in size, making it one of the largest artificial archipelagos.
  2. Artificial reefs, created by sinking two fighter jets, provide drivers with exotic views of the ocean bed.
  3. Palm Jumeirah alone boasts over 12,000 palm trees, adding to the lush vegetation.
  4. A monorail connects the spine to the crescent, making travel between sectors convenient.
  5. A whopping 560 hectares of land have been manually created to support the massive structures around the city.

Entry Fee and the Best time to visit

Visiting the Palm Islands does not cost you a dime but availing the rides and attractions would need a few expenses to cut loose. The best time to visit the place is between October and May but tourists gather here all around the year to enjoy their vacation time.

Other man-made Islands of Dubai

1. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, the smallest of the three islands, is a paradise for those who love luxury. Shaped like a palm tree, it boasts extravagant hotels, lavish villas, and top-notch resorts. The amazing architecture and attention to detail in Palm Jumeirah’s design are truly impressive.

A major attraction here is Atlantis, The Palm. This incredible hotel and resort offers unforgettable experiences with its underwater suites, exciting water parks, and great dining options. The Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, running along the island’s crescent, provides stunning ocean views and a lively atmosphere for relaxing walks and dining.

2. Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali, the second-largest of the Palm Islands, is a lively place with homes, shops, and fun activities. It’s designed for both residents and visitors and offers lots to do.

The Jebel Ali Beach Hotel is the star attraction, a fancy resort right by the beach. It has tons of fun things to do and great places to eat. The Palm Jebel Ali Marina is also popular, perfect for people with yachts and those who love water sports. Plus, there’s a golf course, shopping centers, and plenty of places to eat and have fun, ensuring everyone enjoys their time here.

3. Deira Island

Palm Deira, the biggest of the three islands, is still being built and will have amazing things to offer once it’s done. It’ll be busy with homes, shops, and fun things to do. The highlight will be the Deira Mall, one of the world’s biggest shopping centers. It’ll have lots of famous stores, places to have fun, and places to eat. There will also be fancy homes by the water so people can live in luxury.


In conclusion, the Palm Islands in Dubai show how determined Dubai is to do amazing things. These islands, shaped like palm trees, are not just impressive engineering feats but also symbols of luxury and greatness. From the luxurious living and beautiful buildings on Palm Jumeirah to the lively atmosphere of Palm Jebel Ali and the exciting future of Deira Island, the Palm Islands offer an incredible experience. 

They’re vital for Dubai’s tourism, bringing in visitors from around the globe and helping the city grow economically. When you visit the Palm Islands, bring along your sense of wonder because extraordinary things happen every day here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q1. What are the Palm Islands in Dubai?

The Palm Islands in the United Arab Emirates are a trio of man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira. These artificial islands are located off the coast of Dubai in the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates. They are known for their unique design and luxurious amenities.

Q2. How were the Palm Islands constructed?

The construction of the Palm Islands involved dredging sand from the seabed and shaping it like a palm tree breakwater barriers to protect the islands from erosion and creating a crescent shape to mimic the natural form of a palm tree.

Q3. Who is behind the development of the Palm Islands?

The Palm Islands project was developed by Nakheel, a real estate developer in Dubai. The vision for the islands was conceived by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as part of his vision to transform Dubai into a world-class tourist destination.

Q4. What can visitors expect to find on the Palm Islands?

The Palm Islands offer a range of attractions, including luxury resorts such as the iconic Atlantis, The Palm, villas with stunning waterfront views, a monorail system for transportation, and a world-class residence community.

Q5. When did the construction of the Palm Islands begin?

The creation of the islands began in 2001 and continued over several years. The first island to be developed was Palm Jumeirah, followed by Palm Jebel Ali. The completion of Palm Deira is scheduled for 2022.

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