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18 Things to Do in Dubai Airport

18 Things to Do in Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is a big and busy place where people from all over the world come and go. If you have to wait here for a while before catching your next flight, don’t worry! There’s lots of fun stuff to do to pass the time. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of things to do in Dubai Airport to have a great time during your wait. 

You can shop in big stores without paying taxes, treat yourself to a fancy spa treatment, or relax in a steam room. There’s something fun for everyone here, from juice bars to lounges with dry fruits! So, sit back and relax because we will tell you how to have the best time possible at this exciting airport.

18 Things to Check Out at Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is more than just a place where people change flights. It’s a place where you can have a good time, whether you’re waiting for a short or long time. 

There are lots of things to do to have fun and feel calm. Here are some for you and for your family:

Refresh And Relax

Chill at the Airport Lounge

If you have a short layover or just want a comfy place to chill, Dubai Airport has lots of fancy lounges for travelers. Some are just for certain airlines like Qatar Airways or Lufthansa, while others are for people flying first or business class on any airline.

There’s also the Marhaba Lounge, which you can pay to use. Plus, there’s the Al Majlis service with VIP lounges offering special perks like fast immigration and exclusive shopping.

Relax at the Zen Gardens

If the shiny airport buildings feel overwhelming, you can take a nice break in the Zen Garden, a peaceful escape within the airport. It’s got fish ponds, plants, and palm trees that make it peaceful. 

Sit on a bench, chill out, and listen to the water flowing before you go to catch your flight. This is a great idea if you’re taking a long flight or need a quick break during your layover in Dubai.

Take a Nap in a Sleep ‘n Fly Pod

Sleeping might not seem like the most exciting thing, but it can be helpful before a flight. It’s especially useful if you don’t have much time during your layover at Emirate Airport or if your flight gets delayed or canceled. 

In Terminal 3, there are 20 pods shaped like igloos where you can catch some Z’s. Each pod has a mattress, pillow, blanket, and other stuff you need for a nap. You can book a pod ahead of time or try your luck by showing up.

Refresh Yourself with a Shower

If you have a super early flight from Dubai Airport, you can’t wait to take a shower until you get there. It’s also smart to freshen up with a shower if you have a quick layover at Dubai Airport and want to avoid going to the airport hotel or using the spa.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

You might feel a bit cramped during your flight unless you’re flying in Business or First Class. You can get a massage at one of the spas in Emirate Airport to feel better. In Departure Gate B, XpresSpa offers facials, manicures, reflexology, and massages. 

Be Relax Spa also has spots all over the airport where you can get quick massages and other treatments. For a fancier spa experience, you can make an appointment at the Timeless Spa at the Dubai International Hotel, which is open all day and night.

Pay your Religious Duties

You can pray in designated areas for Muslims at all three airport terminals and some in the parking areas. Plus, there are rooms where you can wash before praying.

Shop for souvenirs at the Dubai Souk

If you want to bring a bit of Dubai’s lively culture home, check out the Dubai Souk. It’s in Terminal 1, a classic market with lots of souvenirs, such as clothes, spices, and handmade crafts.

Look around the colorful stalls and bargain with the nice vendors. You can find all sorts of things, like fancy carpets and pretty jewelry. The Dubai Souk is the perfect spot to find a special keepsake from your trip.

Indulge and Explore

Shop Duty-Free

Most tourists passing through Dubai Airport like to shop at the duty-free shops there. They have all kinds of things, like fancy watches and jewelry, makeup and perfume, drinks and candy, electronics, and souvenirs. 

That’s why Dubai Duty Free is one of the best airport stores in the world. If you enjoy shopping and have some time to spare, it’s a great way to make your layover more fun. Just remember to only buy something too big to fit in the overhead bins on the plane & don’t overweight your luggage.

Catch a Quick Snooze at Snoozecubes

If you’re not interested in any of the other options and just want to relax, then Snoozecube is perfect for you. Whether you have a long wait in Dubai or if your flight is delayed, you can rent a Snoozecube, which is like a tiny hotel room! 

Snoozecubes are small rooms that are soundproofed, so you have total privacy. They have enough space for a bed, a TV, and a place to put your carry-on bags. Plus, they have the internet so you can check on your flight status. It’s a great way to unwind!

Catch Up on Work or Stay Connected

Dubai International Airport has improved its Wi-Fi network a lot. Now, you can connect to fast and free Wi-Fi anywhere in the airport. Use it to update your social media with your travel plans or to message friends and tell them you’ve landed. 

You can also use the internet to send emails or do some work while you’re at the airport. It’s convenient!

Experience Dubai's Charm (For Long Layovers)

Golf at the Dubai Airport Golf Club

If you love golf, why not play a round at the Dubai Airport Golf Club? It’s not far from the airport and a good course. You’ll get to see amazing views of Dubai while you play. 

You’ll like the well-kept fairways and nice greens, whether you’re good at golf or starting. So, grab your clubs and prepare for a fun golf game!

Exercise Yourself at DXB Airport

If you love working out or just want to relax at the airport, you can go to the Dubai International Hotel’s Health Club. Pick the package you like and use the gym, jacuzzi, sauna, or swimming pool.

Family Fun

Hit the Entertainment Zone

Nature lovers shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It’s in Terminal 3 and has lots of amazing marine animals like sharks, rays, and colorful fish. You can walk through a tunnel under the water and see all the cool animals swimming above you. 

They also offer tours behind the scenes; you can even try scuba diving with the sharks, making it one of the best experiences for travelers in transit. It’s a cool and educational experience you’ll remember for a long time.

Dubai Airport Skytrain

For a cool view of the airport, try the Dubai Airport Skytrain. It’s a train without a driver that goes between Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. You can see different parts of the airport quickly.

Relax and enjoy the nice views as the train moves above the airport. It runs all day and night and comes often, so you can get on and off whenever possible. It’s a fun and easy way to move around the airport and see its size.

The world’s tallest indoor waterfall – the Dubai Fountain

When you’re at Emirate Airport, you’ve got to see the amazing Dubai Fountain. It’s in Terminal 3, and it’s incredible to watch. It’s the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, standing 30 meters tall.

Every hour, the Dubai Fountain does a stunning show with water and lights, and there’s music, too. It’s amazing, and you won’t forget it. Make sure to check the time so you don’t miss this magical display.

Fun for All Ages in Kids Zone at Terminal 3

The Kids Zone is great for hanging out during layovers if you’re traveling with friends, family, or kids. It’s designed like a desert with floors shaped like dunes for kids to play on. It’s close to food places, so you can have fun and grab a snack. 

Kids can play with cool toys and games, while adults can relax and watch them. There’s even a climbing area for kids who want to be adventurous. It’s one of the best things to do at Dubai Airport.

Explore the Cultural Village

Discover Dubai’s rich cultural heritage at the Cultural Village inside the airport. Meet talented artists, join workshops, and learn about traditional crafts. You can explore the art and culture of the region here. It’s a great chance to learn about Dubai’s history, values, and art. This free experience offers a unique opportunity to learn and have fun at Airport.

Culinary Delights

Taste International Cuisine at the Airport Restaurants

Dubai Airport has a mix of different cultures, which you can see in its food. Whether you want Middle Eastern, Asian, or Western food, there’s something for you here. You can find everything from quick meals to fancy restaurants. 

So, take your time looking at all the food choices and enjoy trying different things. Make sure to taste local dishes like shawarma or falafel to get a real taste of Arabian food.

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As you’ve seen, there are a lot of things to do in Dubai Airport to keep you busy during your layover. You can shop, eat, relax, and have fun adventures. So, if you have to wait at Dubai Airport, take the chance to check out all the cool stuff it has. Whether you have a short time or a whole day, Dubai Airport will make your layover memorable. 

18 Things to Do in Dubai Airport:FAQ's

Q1: What is special in Dubai airport?

Dubai Airport is special because it’s huge and has lots of cool things to do, ranking it as one of the best international airports on a layover. You can shop, eat delicious food, relax in lounges, and even see attractions like the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa.

Q2: How can I spend 13 hours at the Dubai airport?

If you have 13 hours at Dubai Airport, you can do many things to keep busy. You can explore the shops, try different restaurants, relax in lounges or sleep pods, and even visit nearby attractions like the Dubai Mall or Burj Khalifa if you have enough time.

Q3: How can I spend a day at the Dubai airport?

If you have a whole day at Dubai Airport, you can do a lot of fun things. You can shop for souvenirs, try tasty food, relax in lounges or sleep pods, and maybe even visit attractions like the Dubai Fountain or Burj Khalifa if you have time to go out.

Q4: Can I leave Dubai Airport during the layover?

You can leave Dubai Airport during a layover if you have enough time. Just check if you need a visa to leave the airport and plan your time carefully so you don’t miss your next flight.

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