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What is Belly Dance & Places to Watch it in Dubai?

Dubai is a great place to spend holidays with family and friends. It has many huge landmarks and amazing buildings to see. You can visit the desert or relax on the peaceful beaches. There are also many snack stands and fancy lounges to enjoy with your friends while you take in the world of belly dance. Belly dancing performances are exciting spectacles you can watch in Dubai, and they are sure to captivate the audience. Here are some important facts about belly dancing shows for you to know.

The History of Belly Dance

Belly dancing has been around for a long time. It involves showing and moving the belly in a lively way. This dance started in the Middle East around the 1800s and was performed by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were enthralled by its beauty. There are three main types of belly dance movements: percussive, fluid, and shimmering with vibrations.
Percussive movements involve lifting and dropping the hips, stomach, and chest in a rhythmic way. Fluid movements are smooth and flowing. Shimmers and vibrations create shaking movements in the body.

Places to Watch Belly Dance in Dubai

There are many places around Dubai where you can enjoy belly dancing shows that will mesmerize you. Here are some important locations for you to check out.

1. Afternoon Desert Safari

The afternoon desert safari at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a great place to enjoy belly dancing and have a delicious lunch with friends and family. You can also experience the thrill of the desert with adventure rides like dune bashing and sandboarding.

  1. Address: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai
  2. Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  3. Entry: Paid
  4. Transport: Only private transportation is available

2. Evening Desert Safari

The evening desert safari is another great activity in the Dubai desert. You can enjoy various activities and the beautiful sunset. Visitors can have a fine dining experience in private camps while watching an exotic belly dancing show.

  1. Address: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai
  2. Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  3. Entry: Paid
  4. Transport: Only private transportation is available

3. Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight desert safari in Dubai is another great activity. You can watch amazing belly dancing shows and stargaze, enjoy BBQ campfires, and see henna art shows in the desert.

  1. Address: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai
  2. Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  3. Entry: Paid
  4. Transport: Only private transportation is available

4. Pubs & Lounges

You can watch special belly dancing shows at 5-star lounges and top pubs in Dubai. Many events in Dubai feature belly dancing to attract more visitors from around the world.

  1. Address: Dubai Pubs and Lounges
  2. Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  3. Entry: Paid Entry
  4. Transport: Both(Public & Private) transport is available

5. Private Desert Safari

The Private Desert Safari in Dubai is a great way to explore the desert. With your own guide, you can choose your own activities, like dune bashing and camel rides. The tour also includes belly dance during the desert safari to keep you entertained.

  1. Address: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai
  2. Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  3. Entry: Paid
  4. Transport: Only private transportation is available

6. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

If you want a relaxing experience with your partner, try the Dhow Cruise from Dubai Marina, and enjoy the desert views as you sail. It’s perfect for couples who want to enjoy beautiful views and watch the Tanoura dance on board. You can also see belly dancing shows and enjoy a wonderful dinner buffet as part of a tour package. There are many different foods to try as you spend a cozy time with your loved one on the cruise.

Best Time to Watch the Belly-Dance in Dubai

The best time to enjoy the belly dancing shows in Dubai is during the winter, when the weather is cool and pleasant for desert activities. You can also enjoy belly dancing in the summer by choosing evening or overnight desert safari tours.

Different Styles of Belly Dance

In the heart of Dubai’s desert, belly dance blends tradition, art, and entertainment. Belly dance shows combine cultural heritage with modern elements during a desert safari. Here are the main types of belly dancers performances you can see on a Desert Safari Dubai Tour:

1. Traditional Belly Dance

Traditional belly dance comes from Middle Eastern culture, telling old stories with the Tabla and the Oud rhythms. The dance has sharp movements and, against the desert backdrop, it connects spectators to ancient times, pleasing the eyes and resonating with the soul.

3. LED Dance

LED belly dance combines the traditional dance form with modern LED technology. Dancers wear costumes with LED lights, creating a dazzling light show. The music mixes to create a captivating atmosphere. traditional and modern styles. The LED lights enchant the dark desert, making it a bright, musical, and rhythmic spectacle.

3. Fire Dance

Fire dance is a unique form of belly dancing that uses props like hoops, poi, and fans. Dancers move with the fire they hold, creating dramatic and magical performances against the cold, dark desert backdrop. The intense music and dance movements mesmerize and amaze the audience. The performance is safe, and no harm is involved.


Dubai is a great place to watch belly dancing, a dance full of history and culture, that will enthrall you. Whether in the desert or a fancy lounge, each dance style, from traditional to LED and fire dances, offers something special and memorable. The best time to see these shows is in the cooler winter months, but they are enjoyable year-round. Watching belly dancing is a highlight of any Dubai trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can kids watch the belly dance show on a Dubai desert safari?

Dubai desert safaris are great for families because they focus on cultural experiences. Belly dancing is a professional and respectful art form, making it suitable for children to enjoy the desert culture.

Q2. How much time does a belly dance performance usually last?

A belly dance show during a Dubai desert safari usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes and starts in the evening.

Q3. Are belly dance shows typically included in all desert safaris in Dubai?

Belly dance shows are usually part of desert safaris that go into the evening or overnight because the dark setting along the Dubai desert makes the performance more impressive. Not all desert safaris include belly dance shows, so check your tour package for details.

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