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Exciting & Thrilling Water Sports Activities in Dubai

Water Sports Activities in Dubai

Find the best water sports activities in Dubai for an exciting time. Dubai has lots of fun water sports for beginners and experts. Dubai is famous for its big malls and tall buildings, but it also has beautiful beaches. The blue water at these beaches is perfect for water sports. Water sports in Dubai are not just at the beaches; you can also find them in other places.

10 Water Sports in Dubai

1. Parasailing

If you want to fly like a bird, try parasailing! You’ll wear a parachute and be pulled along a fast boat. You can see the tall buildings in Dubai and the shiny blue water. It’s fun and exciting at the same time.

2. Soar With Flyboarding

Flyboarding feels like being in a sci-fi movie. You wear a board on your feet, and strong water jets lift you into the air. With some practice, you can do tricks and flips. Dubai is a great place to try flyboard because of the clear water and good teachers.

3. Try kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a fun water sport in Dubai Marina. You stand on a board and hold a big kite that pulls you over the waves. You can feel the wind and ride the waves. You can learn kitesurfing in a few lessons. Kite Zone has special kitesurfing for kids.

4. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a fun way to enjoy the clear water in Dubai. You can rent a jet ski at many beaches like Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina. With the wind in your hair and the waves under you, jet skiing in Dubai is exciting and fast.

Trips can be 30 minutes or up to two hours long. The short trip goes to Burj Al Arab. The longer trip goes further to Jumeirah Beach Residence.

5. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is like surfing, snowboarding, and water skiing all in one. You ride a board while a boat pulls you. Dubai’s warm water and good wind are great for everyone, from beginners to experts. It’s a fun way to practice balance and learn new skills on the water.

6. Water Skiing in Dubai

Water skiing is a fun sport for people who like speed. You stand on skis, and a boat pulls you across the water. It’s like snow skiing but on water. Water skiing is exciting and gives you a big thrill. As you get better, you can go faster and do cool tricks. Try water skiing in Dubai for a fun adventure.

7. Seabreacher Adventure in Dubai

This shark-shaped vehicle looks like it’s from a sci-fi or James Bond movie! It has two seats – one for you and one for the instructor. It can go very fast on the water, dive underwater a little, and jump up high in the air. This exciting activity is one you don’t want to miss!

8. Meet Sharks & Shipwrecks

In Dubai’s warm waters, you can dive all year round and discover amazing things under the sea. Atlantis Dive Centre welcomes beginners and experienced divers with trained instructors and courses. Located at Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, the centre offers snorkelling and diving in the Ambassador Lagoon, the biggest aquarium.

Kids, families, and experts can all enjoy these underwater adventures. For a thrilling experience, dive to see ancient ruins and rare sea animals or feed sharks and rays by hand.

9. Kayak in Dubai

For a calm water adventure, try kayaking. Dubai’s quiet creeks and mangroves are perfect for this. You can paddle through the still water and see birds like herons and flamingos. It’s a peaceful break from the busy city.

10. Dive into an Unforgettable Underwater Experience

Deep Dive Dubai is a super cool place for people who love water activities. It has a really deep pool, over 60 meters deep! It’s even in the Guinness World Records. Inside the pool, there’s a pretend city underwater. 

Tips for Water Sports Activities in Dubai

  1. Always wear a life jacket, even if you can swim well. It helps you float and keeps you safe.
  2. Listen to what your teacher or guide says. They’re there to keep you safe and help you have fun.
  3. It’s hot in Dubai, so drink lots of water before, during, and after your water activities.
  4. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and clothes that keep the sun off your skin.
  5. Do activities that you know how to do. Don’t do things that scare you or seem too hard.
  6. Before you start, look at your stuff, like life jackets or snorkeling gear, to make sure it’s okay.


Dubai has lots of fun things to do in the water! You can fly high in the sky while parasailing or zoom across the waves on a jet ski. Try standing on a board that shoots water and lifts you, or ride in a cool shark-shaped boat that dives underwater and jumps into the air.

There’s also kayaking in quiet places and diving to see sharks and underwater cities. Remember to wear a life jacket to stay safe, drink water when it’s hot, and listen to the grown-ups in charge. Dubai is a great place for exciting adventures on the water, with lots of fun things to try!

FAQs Watersports in Dubai

Q1. What are the most fun water sports to try in Dubai?

The best watersports in Dubai are exciting.

Q2. When is the best time of year for water sports in Dubai?

March and April are good times for watersports in Dubai because the weather is nice.

Q3. Are water sports safe in Dubai?

Yes, water sports in Dubai are safe. The authorities are strict about safety rules. Before any activity, everyone gets safety instructions, and trained people watch over all water sports.

Q4. Why is Dubai famous?

Dubai is famous for its tall buildings, big manmade islands, and many other amazing things. It has luxurious living, delicious food, and lots of exciting things to do for a fun vacation.

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