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Must-See Highlights: 25 Best Things To Do In Dubai 2024

Dubai is a shiny city in the desert with lots of fun things to do. You can visit big shopping malls, tall buildings, nice beaches, and the desert for cool adventures. There is something for everyone! If you love food, there are many yummy places to eat.

If you like excitement, there are fun activities like desert safaris. If you want to learn about culture, you can see many interesting things about Dubai’s history. In this article, we’ll discuss some fun and exciting things to do in Dubai.

25 Best Things To Do In Dubai 2024

1. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the biggest in the world and has almost 100 million visitors every year. It has over 1,200 shops, so it’s easy to get lost. It’s a fun place to stay cool and look at fancy stores. More people visit this mall than in New York City and Los Angeles, so lots of people come here from all over the world.

2. Xline Dubai Marina

With XLine Dubai, you can fly like Superman over roads, tall buildings, and pools. It is one of the longest and fastest zip lines in the world. You start high at 560 feet and go as fast as 50 miles per hour. You fly from Jumeirah Beach to Dubai Marina and see amazing views. You can even ride with a friend!

3. Abra Ride Across Dubai Creek

Get on an abra boat, pay just Dhs2, and take a nice ride across the Creek. It’s a short trip, but you’ll see what the city is like. This is one of the best things to do in Dubai if you want to feel the city’s history and see its old, real parts.

4. Burj Khalifa, Tallest Building

You can’t miss it (it’s next to the Mall). It’s the tallest building in the world, standing at 828 meters. You can look at it from the outside, but it’s fun to go up to the observation deck on the 124th floor. It’s great for photos and selfies.

If you want to stay longer, you can go to the Sky Lounge on the 148th floor for drinks or eat at the ‘At.mosphere’ restaurant. It’s a busy place, so make sure to book your visit early. You need tickets to go to the observation deck.

5. Dubai Fountain Show

You can see the world’s largest fountain show, next to the Burj Khalifa and the Mall of Dubai. Even if you don’t love fountains, this show is special, and you won’t see anything like it again.

The show happens every day from 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM and every evening from 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM every 30 minutes. On Friday, the afternoon show starts at 1:30 PM and lasts 30 minutes.

6. Al Fahidi

This charming neighborhood shows what Dubai was like before 1971. Old buildings made of stone, palm wood, gypsum, and teak are along the winding paths. People who love history and buildings will enjoy exploring here. It’s a quiet place away from the busy city and tall buildings, making it feel like a hidden village.

7. Skydive Dubai

If you think falling over Dubai at 120 miles per hour sounds fun, try Skydive Dubai. Beginners can jump with a guide, and experienced divers can go alone. It costs almost $600 to jump from The Palm, but it’s worth it if you love exciting adventures and aren’t scared of heights.

8. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is one of the tallest buildings in the world and looks like a giant picture frame. Since it opened in January 2018, millions of people have visited it. It stands 150 meters high and offers beautiful views of old and new Dubai, the shiny Gulf water, and the sandy desert.

Walking on the amazing glass bridge that connects the two towers feels like walking on air. It is a very exciting experience and one of the best things to do in Dubai.

9. Burj Al Arab

You need a reservation to visit this hotel. You can book a drink at Gilt, spend a day at the infinity pool terrace, or have afternoon tea in the Skyview Lounge. You will see amazing views of the city from there.

10. Ski Dubai

Even though you’re in the desert, you can still see snow at Ski Dubai. You won’t see it outside, but there’s lots inside. You can learn to ski, play with penguins, or drink hot chocolate at the snow cinema. It’s one of the best things to do in Dubai if you want a break from the sun.

11. Dubai Miracle Garden

People who love gardens will enjoy the Dubai Miracle Garden. It has 150 million flowers and plants! The garden is huge, covering 72,000 square meters. You can see amazing things like the floating lady and the floral clock.

The Umbrella Tunnel is great for Instagram photos, and you can also visit the sunflower field. The Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest flower garden in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Dubai has many of the biggest and best things!

12. Dubai Museum

We loved visiting the Dubai Museum in the old part of the city. As the call to prayer played from nearby mosques, we walked through displays showing Dubai’s early days. You can see how people started with pearl diving.

Pearl diving made many people in Dubai rich. The UAE also did well during the silk route trading times and after finding oil. Today, Dubai is very rich and fancy. The museum shows this amazing journey.

13. Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future looks amazing from the outside, and once you go in, you won’t want to leave. There is a lot to see, but our favorite part is seeing Earth from above and becoming a space pioneer. This new attraction opened in February this year, and you should tell everyone about it.

14. Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is the newest place for water lovers in the city. It has a deep pool, 60.02 meters deep, which is a world record! The pool also has cool things underwater, like a sunken city. You can learn to swim, dive, and explore underwater all year round. It’s a great place for adventure!

15. Sky Views Dubai

There are three exciting things to try at Sky Views Dubai, which is way up high on top of the Address Sky View Hotel. First, you can slide down a see-through tunnel on the 53rd floor. 

Then, there’s a glass elevator and bridge to walk on. And if you’re brave, you can walk on the Edge, hanging off the side of the building with a safety harness. All three let you see amazing views of Downtown Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa nearby.

16. Dubai Opera

Since it opened in 2016, this beautiful boat-shaped building has hosted plays, musicals, operas, ballets, and comedians. Shows like Chicago and performances by Jack Dee have been really popular. It’s a great place in Dubai for anyone who loves opera and other live shows.

17. Dubai Desert Safari

Go on a safari adventure in the Dubai desert, which is one of the most popular things to do there. You’ll see beautiful dunes and can try fun activities like riding camels or sliding down sand on a board. Take a picture of the pretty desert sunset as you head to your camp in the evening.

Enjoy a yummy dinner with lots of Middle Eastern food to choose from. After your safari, relax at the campsite and watch belly dancing, Tanoura dancing, and a fire show. It’s a fun way to end your day in Dubai!

18. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Be brave and swim with sharks at this cool place inside a huge shopping mall. It’s one of the best things to do in Dubai, and you’ll remember it forever!

19. Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a fun place with lots of exciting things to do. Kids will love the amazing theme parks like Motiongate, Real Madrid World, Legoland, and Legoland Water Park. Adults can relax at Riverland Boulevard, which has restaurants and fun activities outside.

If you want to stay longer, you can stay at the fancy Polynesian-style hotel called The Lapita or the Legoland Hotel, the first in this region. It’s all in one big place for everyone to enjoy!

20. Mall of the Emirates

When you visit the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, you can go snowboarding or skiing at Ski Dubai, watch a movie, or go shopping. There are many malls in Dubai, and lots of hotels have free shuttles to take you there so you can spend your money. Ski Dubai was cool to see before we went to Dubai—it’s an indoor ski place, new and fun for us from Canada.

21. Legoland Dubai

At Legoland Dubai, Legos come alive! It’s like other Legoland parks around the world, like the one in Florida. There are 60 fun rides and 15,000 Lego models to see. This park is made from 60 million Legos and has six lands to explore, both indoors and outdoors. Families with kids aged 2 to 12 will love it!

Now, there’s even a Legoland Hotel where you can stay surrounded by Legos all weekend. It can get hot in the summer, but the indoor attractions are just as fun, and they have air conditioning.

22. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Next to the Miracle Garden is the Butterfly Garden. There are over 15,000 butterflies there, with more than 50 different kinds fluttering around.

23. Dubai Gold Souk

You have to see gold rings, chains, and other shiny things there. Even if you’re not buying or bargaining, it’s a place that looks amazing—like it doesn’t even need Instagram filters!

24. Dubai Spice Souk

Walk through the small streets filled with bags of brightly colored spices at the spice souk in Deira. You’ll be amazed by the nice smells of the spices, and you can buy some to make your cooking taste yummy.

25. Dubai Water Parks

Dubai has the best water parks! Maybe it’s because of the hot weather or all the money there, but each water park keeps getting more fun. Here are two of the best ones:

  1. Wild Wadi:  It’s the first water park in Dubai, next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab.
  2. Laguna Waterpark: This one is on the beach at La Mer. It has four zones for playing, relaxing, sliding, surfing, and splashing around.


Dubai is a super fun city with lots to do. You can see the tallest buildings, go to big malls, and even play in the snow at Ski Dubai. There are theme parks like Legoland and exciting things like zip-lining and skydiving.

You can ride camels in the desert or see beautiful flowers at the Miracle Garden. There are cool places to learn about Dubai’s history too. With so many things to do in Dubai and places to explore, Dubai is a great place to visit!


Q1. What are the top things to do in Dubai?

When visiting Dubai, there are numerous attractions and activities to experience. Some of the top things to do include exploring old Dubai, taking in the breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline, visiting Bur Dubai for its historical charm, and checking out the largest mall in the world for unbeatable shopping.

Q2. Where can I enjoy the views of the desert in Dubai?

For a true Arabian desert adventure, head to the desert dunes, where you can take part in activities like desert safari tours or even enjoy balloon adventures in Dubai for a unique terrain perspective.

Q3. What are the must-visit parks in Dubai?

Exploring the green spaces in Dubai is a must, with popular parks such as Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Hills Mall, and Park Dubai offering relaxation and entertainment for all ages.

Q4. Which are the top Dubai attractions for tourists?

When in Dubai, don’t miss visiting iconic attractions like the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, catching a show at the Dubai Opera, and enjoying unique experiences at Dubai theme parks for a fun-filled trip.

Q5. How can I experience the essence of Dubai’s culture?

Immerse yourself in the cultural side of Dubai by visiting traditional souks in old Dubai, exploring the stunning mosques in Dubai, and taking a stroll through old and new Dubai to see the city’s rich heritage.

Q6. Where can I find a stunning view of the Dubai skyline?

For a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline, head to vantage points like Dubai Marina and Dubai Safari Park, or even take a cruise across Dubai Creek to enjoy the stunning cityscape

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